Frequently asked questions about the services of Oklahoma City psychologist Mel Preisz and social worker Marcia McMillin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is our consultation with you kept confidential?
Yes, to the best of our ability. Our clinic complies with all HIPPA Regulations and subscribes to the codes of ethics of the American Association of Clinical Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapy Association. The nature of all contacts are held in professional confidence unless a patientís life is at risk, there is danger of harming someone else, they are likely to commit a crime or to be abusive to a child or, unless given a signed release of information form.

I heard that whatís his name didnít really get much out of their counseling? Why?
The method and extent of the work done in any treatment process depends on each patient and his or her willingness to become involved in their own treatment and recovery. The concern is for an individuals ultimate happiness, and how their decisions and choices can make it occur as soon as possible. Responsibility for getting help and getting something out of it rests, as it should be, entirely in a patient's hands. Treatment may be right for you, even though it may have not been the right choice for someone else. The true success for ANY help is the person's willingness to understand one's self and open their mind to a healing process, and to work together to help build up a critical mass of self-awarenesss so that the recovery process will occur.

How do I get started in treatment with you?
Our treatment is provided on an outpatient basis only. We specialize in long-term treatment, although we can provide short-term, and intermediate ranging approaches when needed. Our fees are very comparable to other psychotherapists. Our usual procedure is to return a phone call within 48 hours. Our return phone call is without any obligation or cost, because we only select individuals, by mutual consent, who are most likely to benefit from our approach, and if they should need another kind of assistance we will not hesitate to suggest it. If however an individual feels like we can be of help and would like to schedule an appointment, then we will schedule them for an initial appointment when our schedules permit. Intake interviews generally take one hour. If it is decided at that time our approach would benefit you we will then schedule a standing appointment, usually 30 minutes weekly or bi-monthly depending on a patients needs.

When should I begin getting help?
We think the sooner an individual begins the recovery process, the sooner they can find the causes for their condition, and help them to begin the healing process. The amount of time varies from one individual to another. We have had success with patients in a short-term treatment process (usually 3 to 6 months), in intermediate treatment process (usually 6 months to 1 year), and in long-term rebuilding treatment process (usually from 1 to 3 years if needed).